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Winter picture of the plot, hills and a monastery among them

A plot of land 5 km away from Vratsa town with very panoramic location, going slightly uphill offering stunning, even orgasmic views of Vratsa Mountains behind it and a plain in front of it.

A pretty, small monastery huddled up to steep hills above the plot.

Very easy access – 200 m from main international road  E-79 via tarmac road giving access to Church properties, a small chapel and a monastery among hills – an exclusive and superb combination viewed from the plot as well as from the main road.

Drop-dead lay of the land, exceedingly suitable for building up a camp site or a family house.

Water and electricity mains available.

Very save and quiet area with no crime.

Price : 7250 Euro


The plot and a plain in front of it

Bistrets is a village in the foothill of the Balkan Mountains, only 2km from the city of Vratsa. There are already 3 properties bought by English buyers in it.

From the plot and the village there are beautiful views towards the mountains and fields. There is a river passing not far from the plot.

The 2000 sq.m. property is 50 metres from the edge of the village with beautiful panoramic views at the front and back. Within the property there is a field and fruit trees as can be seen by the photos.

The plot is suitable for building a family house as in most of surrounding properties. The central water system runs close to the property, so a connection can be easily set up.
The price for a plot with so attractive location is low. In spite of all, price negotiating is possible.

For more information, please, don’t hesitate asking me.

Price : 5350 Euro.

A plot viewed from the street

Zgorigrad is a village 115 km. from Sofia and 3km from Vratsa town going into the mountain so it is considered more as a suburb. It is surrounded by hills and rocks from all sides so views are breathtaking and property prices reflect that. Nevertheless, a number of properties in the village have already been bought by foreign buyers. The village is located only 10km to the ski runs and hotels of the Purshevitsa area!

The property itself is 2950 sq.m. situated on a very attractive and panoramic town-planning spot too at the border of the village towards the mountain. Along one side of the property runs a mountain river while there is an asphalt road on the other. Water and electric mains can be connected from the neighbouring property, which a British family has bought and built a roomy house.

Despite its amazing location, very clean Mountain air, brilliant view surrounding it and low price comparing on plots next door, price negotiating is possible.

Price : 38 000 Euro.

Part of the plot and a view

This land plot is located in the village of Pavolche, 5km away from the city of Vratsa. The village itself is tucked away in a very beautiful spot, on high plains on the foot of the Balkan mountains. The village is populated with beautiful properties belonging to well-to-do folk such as notaries, lawyers and other.

The plot is at the edge of the village with an area of 1500m2. It is on two levels and has a beautiful view of the plains a water reservoir on one side and the mountain highs and rocks on the other.

The access to the plot is via a 100m of rural track, which connects it to the asphalt main road. This stretch of rural track needs of some improvement.

The land is still classed as agricultural and hence the price is 14000 Pounds. The owner is willing to change the use of the land, so that it can be built on before or after purchase for an additional cost of 1500 Euros.

Water and electricity services can easily be connected from the neighbouring plot.

The price is not so high comparing prices in the area.In spite of all,negotiating is possible.

The perfect property for investment in western Bulgaria – a cheap and picturesque spot.

Price : 16500 Euro.

For more information, please, don’t hesitate asking me.

A meadow in the plot

Regulated land plot of 9000 sq.m. which could be built on, 110 km. from Sofia, 6km from the Vratsa town and 200 meters from Moravitsa village. The village is very lively, situated on the main road connecting the cities of Vratsa and Mezdra while 3 English families have already bought properties there. The plot comprises of 4000 sq.m. of meadows and 5000 sq.m. of forest.

The location is very panoramic, going slightly uphill offering great views of the Balkan Mountains, the motorway which is 1km away, the neighbouring village  in a plain.

The main water pipes feeding the nearby village are passing through the plot so an immediate connection is possible. Electricity connection is also not a problem.

The plot is suitable for the building of one or more family homes in a very convenient location with easy access, at the foothill of a mountain with fantastic nature and views around. Building permissions are included in its cost.

The price for a plot with so attractive location is low. In spite of all its negotiating is possible.

Price :7200 Euro.

Plot’s price, building permissions and the whole needed paperwork and assignment conveyance are included in a cost.

For more information, please, don’t hesitate asking me.