A front side of the house and a vineyardThis property is located 3km from the city of Vratsa. It consists of a 2000 sq.m plot with a house on 2 floors, with two balconies and a terrace. There is a room designated for a bathroom which however has not been completed. The house is a solid construction. The roof is in a very good condition; however the walls need plastering, especially on the 2nd floor. New window-frames or double-glazing will also be needed in some places.

The property is located around 700 – 800m from the main road which is accessible via a rural track. Together with the property the owner is selling a ’88 Citroen car included in the price! It may sound bizarre but it could come quite handy for the new owner accessing his property with this older vehicle by parking his on the main road.

Main house and additional building are in very good condition, with stone foundations, massive bricks and a steady roof.

All houses around are habitable and quite friendly families live in them.
Surrounding nature and easy access to highway and neighbouring cities are main reasons 3 or 4 houses to be bought by British families.

Under the 1st floor of the house there is a garage. Electricity is connected to the property but not water mains. However there is a well and a tank with a capacity for 7 tons of water.

There is a river on one end of it and a lake a few hundred meters away from the property where fishing competitions take place.
The price for a yard with these dimensions and a massive house with an additional building is low. In spite of all it is adjustable.

For more information, please, don’t hesitate asking me.

Price : 6950 Euro.