A view from a street

This property is located in the village of Gorno Peshtene, 17km from the city of Vratsa and 130 km. from the capital Sofia.The house itself is a three-storey house- every story with a concrete slab and solid bricks a s every floor has three rooms. A partial repair has been made on the first floor. On the second floor there are three terraces and on the third there are two   terraces. Every floor is 60 sq.m. in size.

The house has a new, not finished yet construction work that influenced the price.

The roof is also new yet there is a need of small finishing work. The owners sale it at a price that is twice as small as the expenses made for permits, connection to the water –main, electricity and construction work.

Near the main building there is an old   small one-storey house which can be reconstructed in a barbecue – house or a storehouse.There is a well with a drinkable water in it.

The yard of the house is 1700 sq.m. and all of it is fenced with a wire- net.

The price is not that high, because the owners want to sale quickly, but it is under consideration, though.

If you wish more pictures, please, feel free to write and I will send.

Price is 8500 Euro.