A front side of the house viewed from the street


Varbeshnitsa is a village situated among low hills 5 km. from town of Mezdra and 10 km. from town of Vratsa. It also is 105 km from Sofia. A quiet village with requirable amenities, without gypsy community. The property location is very panoramic, going uphill offering pleasant view on a village and a plain, abutting upon 2 rural tracks. There is as well a pine forest on top-hill, few metres from its yard.
The plot is 1400 sq.m. on 2 levels with a small vineyard, a hand made barbecue and an additional building 40 sq.m. with 2concrete slabs few metres from main house and a large parking place. There is a cesspool, as well, with a concrete top – it doesn’t happen very often in country properties. There is a small garden with flowers and 2 fir-trees in front of the house.
The house is nice looking 2 storey building. It is in very good condition – massive building with stone walls in their bases, fat bricks and repaired roof. Each floor is 60 sq.m. consisting of 3 rooms on each one and a corridor with concrete stairs. All furniture /electric appliances, beds, cupboards, wardrobes and everything else/ goes together with the house. It is not new, of course, but is in good condition and suitable for a start.
All rooms are repaired, furnished and ready for living. There is a terrace on a second floor comparing a view on houses downhill.
All houses around are habitable and quite friendly families live in them.
Surrounding nature and easy access to highway and neighbouring cities are main reasons 4 or 5 houses to be bought by families from Sofia. There is a lake a few hundred meters away from the village where fishing competitions take place.

The price for a yard with these dimensions and a massive house with an additional building is remarkably low. In spite of all, price negotiating is possible.

Price : 13500 Euro.

For more information, please, don’t hesitate asking me.